TBL Accountants Supports Talk Money Week

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TBL Accountants supports Talk Money Week, an annual event running between 12 – 18 November that highlights the importance of discussing financial matters across the UK. Formerly known as Financial Capability Week, this marks an annual celebration of organisations across the UK that are looking to improve money management for everyone.

This year’s focus is bringing money into conversation in daily life, making it an everyday norm in the UK public. Indeed, addressing financial matters can be difficult for many. Key statistics from the UK Financial Capability Strategy shows that 4 out of 10 of us cannot manage our money, and part of the solution is to have us talking more about money and reaching out for help and advice when we need it.

Talk Money Week for Business

Crucially, Talk Money Week also acknowledges businesses and organisations as playing a part in public discourse. For instance, their research shows that 89% of employers agree financial concerns have an impact on overall staff performance. This is why it’s fundamental that businesses get on board with the conversation. Research also underpins our changing behaviours around taking financial matters online, such as online transactions, which has become crucial for many businesses to grow.

Supporting Talk Money Week in Southend

At TBL Accountants, we aim to help people solve problems, overcome challenges concerned with money, and we know taking that first step to talk it through is critical. Our approach is to cut through the jargon and aid individuals and businesses with the advice and knowledge to understand their financial situation.

We have helped many independent entrepreneurs, but also many large businesses and organisations locally in Southend and wider Essex, cut through the heavy-jargon and deal with their finances more easily. Furthermore, our easy-to-follow cloud accounting solutions means that clients can have their business at-hand on any device, able to talk money at any time. We also provide all important tax year dates and deadlines in one place online, making it easier for the public to access critical UK financial dates.

Our experience in the field has shown there are many benefits to reaching out for advice and help with money matters.

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